• Tesla Model X P100D vs. Jeep Trackhawk and Mercedes-AMG GLC63

      You may recall that last month this same Model X P100D raced against a Lamborghini Urus, G63 AMG, and Range Rover SVR. Naturally complained the Jeep Trackhawk and Mercedes-AMG GLC63 were not included.

      Well, no we have those performance SUV's included against the all-electric Tesla.

      It takes a bunch of time for the Tesla to get to its maximum setting but once it is there we have a drag race.

      The Trackhawk gets a good launch but the Tesla actually catches and passes while managing to hold the Trackhawk off until the end. It's close but the Model X P100D is the victor.

      Based on that result the Trackhawk should win the roll race as it was starting pull toward the end. Mercifully the people at Carwow figures out how to start the cars in the correct gear from a roll. Well, at 50 miles per hour they have the Trackhawk in 3rd gear when arguably it should be in second but at least this is better than waiting for the transmission to kick down.

      The Trackhawk does indeed appear to be the fastest from a roll followed by the Tesla and then the CLC63. While the GLC63 does finish last in each test it's right there with the other two. Give it an ECU tune and watch it blow the other two SUV's away. The same could be said for the Trackhawk.

      The Tesla? Well, it's stuck at its output.

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